Sistema de viaje Lila XP+ con capazo y Pebble 360


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Complete 3-in-1 travel system Conquer any surface Space to grow Maximum safety & comfort from street to car


Ready for rough terrains? Make every terrain comfortable with our Lila XP+ travel system! This 3-in-1 travel system contains of the comfortable but ready for all terrains Lila XP stroller, whichs all-terrain stroller wheels, soft front and rear suspension and easy front-wheel modulo-drive system allows you to easily maneuver any surface. Combined with a matching, spacious and comfortable carrycot and one of our premium baby carseat Pebble 360 for quick and effortless switching from street to car, this combination makes for the best all terrain 3-in-1 travel system.

0 – 22 kg

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